The Community

The developers of Age of Essence strongly believe that LARP is a hobby that should be shared by all. With this attitude in mind we try to make friends with and promote many different systems, traders and suppliers . We are proud to call many of these people friends and strive to ally together to promote LARP across the UK as a whole. Please do check them out and I hope that we see you at some of these events.
As a non-profit organization all money goes towards Age of Essence for new equipment and setting up the larger events. We can then look at reducing the cost at your end! For those of you who wish we have set up a donate button if any of you wish to help the club financially. Donators will get a big thank you from us and those who wish to be known will be put on our supporters page below.



From weaponry to costumes we have links that should help you find what your looking for.

If you are a trader and wish to trade at any of our events please feel free to contact us. We are also happy to place your link on this page.

The Viking Store - One stop shop for all larp related equipment.

Fortress Armories - Specialized in making armor.

Figment Leather-work - For all leather related items.

The Goblin Workshop - Larp safe throwing items galore.

Das Shoppe - Ultimate larp trading center.

Seaxe Crafts - Wonderfully wooden items of all shapes and sizes.

Having a LARP - A huge selection of larp weapons of all kinds.

Light Armory - Fantastic larp weapon manufacturer.

Eldritch - A huge variety of larp weapons made to order.


We are part of multiple groups who enjoy a variety of hobbies ranging from LARP to tabletop and re-enactment. Here are some groups and organizations that we are proud to be apart of.

Please contact us if you wish to have your group or company on this page.

Seaxe and Sorcery - muti-larp group passionate about gaming.

Fayre Times Festival - Variety festival bringing lots of people together.

Aftermath - A great larp system highly recommended.

LARP Aid - A charity group focusing on promoting larp for a good cause.

Skullduggery - longstanding larp in the south east of Kent.

The Gamers Guild - Redhill's one and only game shop, RP tabels every Wednesday., Friday and Saturday.

RP Haven -Lewisham's best RPG groups. Every Wednesday.

Age of Essence Supporters

Thank you for supporting the community and keeping the game alive with your generous donations!

Bakura Matthews         Rhyss Noble