Miniventures Club

Because the youth of today are the adventurers of tomorrow they should have as much opportunity as the rest of us.

 Age of Essence was originally founded as a family friendly LARP system, with the prospect that adventurers and heroes are not   alone in their quest for victory. Because of this we have been designing (ongoing and improving) a system to incorporate young   people as a fundamental part of the system, from here on children and young people will be referred to as Apprentices.

 The Miniventurers club is designed to integrate apprentices into LARP in a fun and safe environment. We encourage fundamental   skills such as teamwork, and problem solving, in the form of fun adventures that inspire and cultivate the imagination. This club   will be designed to allow young people to adventure within a safe space with their parents/guardians nearby or playing as a part
 of the crew/monsters. We do this so that the young people have space to explore their own ideas in these problem solving activities.   Their characters will be a part of the Apprentice Guild.


 As there are a mixed range of ages and diversity of people that attend these events there may be bad language used at times. We  encourage everyone to try and limit the use of such language, especially around the apprentices but they may still be exposed to it.

 Adult Themes
 Age of Essence has some adult themes such as death and horror aspects. Though this is limited and not aimed at the Miniventures   Club they may still come into contact with these themes. The concept of ‘defeating’ an enemy over the ‘killing’ of an enemy is   encouraged.